Brit boys squirting

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Date Added: April 25, 2009
Date Featured: April 25, 2009
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Brit boys squirting
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Shaun ♥♡♥
February 22, 2013

Jim, Intimate contact between two horny naked guys is one of the best feelings ever and when you are being asked to cum your spunky load by your fuck buddy that is something else and enough to tip you over the edge and ejaculate with great force empting your balls and I know this would make us both happy. I want you to cum the same for me too xxx xxx

November 5, 2015

Hay Shaun i wish you and me could be in a bed and doing this after what happen to me ever since that day i love watching guys have sex and i just wish we would left it in

March 9, 2014

After watching this Shaun i would love to have you due this to me sometime and i always what to try this again after my boss did this me. I love watching this and wish i could fine you and have you due this to me

November 11, 2015

Nice bodies, dicks and nuts + two gr8 cum shots but too much talking at the end

December 18, 2014

I love watching these guy have there fun and i really like because they not use any protection. I was over my boss house one night after work we was drinking having a good time and it was getting late and i ask if i could stay night because i didn't what to drive home after drinking so he said yes and he said i could sleep in the bed and he take the couch so i went to his bedroom and shot the door and got into his bed the next thing i know i felt something get in the other side and didn't think nothing about it so i was sleeping then next thing i knew i felt something wet around my cock so i pulled the cover off and there he was sucking my cock. He look up and hope you don't mine me. I what to suck you cock for a long time so i said go head and next thing i know he was on top of me and asking me if he would could put his cock in my anal and i said i never had this done so be easy so he got his lub out and lub my anal up and slow put his big cock in me and stated to fuck me. Dam it felt so good. Then next thing i knew he was cuming inside me and and it felt so good. I love gay sex